Excellence in pursuit of excellence / creation of high quality

Wuxi City HS Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. Located in the economically developed, beautiful scenery of the coast of Wuxi - Taihu city. It covers an area of 14000 square meters, the registered capital of 5 million yuan, is a high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, the bank credit AAA level, Jiangsu province is the "contract and trustworthy enterprise".

The company in the country "and" 11th Five-Year "at the end of 12th Five-Year" during the launch of the "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" of major science and technology projects, specializing in CNC machining center machine and CNC machine tool boosting unclamping cylinder passive power automatic balance system of gas-liquid conversion (nitrogen balance) series of product development and production. Products are mainly used for vertical machining center, CNC milling machine, CNC Longmen, Longmen engraving and milling machine, etc.. Product best-selling domestic and foreign markets, and even exported to Southeast Asia, especially the passive power conversion gas-liquid CNC machine tool automatic balancing system series products as an important feature of modern CNC machine tool, has won a number of national patents, by domestic and foreign major machine tool manufacturers.




The company has more than and 50 R & D team, in Wuxi, Yunnan and other places are equipped with technology research center, has a group of senior experts as the important topic that the company responsible person, complete the science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province issued a scientific research project for many times, has a total of dozens of products of invention, utility model and design patent technology. Company to the modern enterprise system based on standardized operation, seize the opportunity, in 2009 passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification". And to maintain a good cooperative relationship with Heilongjiang University, set up a post doctoral workstation. The company has advanced production technology and production equipment, is a modern high-tech enterprise with a solid strength.
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